Awaken West Houston

Strategically praying and fasting for every person in the West Houston area one household at a time

Beginning in March Redeemer Community Church is joining many other churches in our area for a season of prayer and fasting called Awaken West Houston

WHAT is Awaken?

Awaken West Houston is a city-wide movement of prayer and fasting focused on unifying churches in West Houston to strategically pray and fast for every person in the West Houston area one household at a time. We're hopeful for 5,500 believers across our city who will each pray and fast for 17 unique households in our area... 93,500 households total!

WHEN is Awaken?

It will take place for 30 days, Wednesday, March 2 through Thursday, March 31, 2022

WHERE is Awaken?

This month-long journey of prayer and fasting will take place wherever you are located day-in and day-out. This is not about a big event, rather it is about mobilizing the church to pray for and bless our city in all the places where we live, work, and play each day.

WHO is Awaken for?

Of course we'd love each adult at Redeemer to participate. But, we're also inviting our Junior and Senior High Students to participate; if they're willing to pray and fast (as the Lord leads them) for 17 unique households throughout the 30 days, they can join us!

HOW can I participate?

  1. Commit to praying and fasting (as the Lord leads you) for 17 unique households in the Katy/West Houston area for the 30 days of Awaken West Houston. The 17 households will be provided to you.
  2. Sign up below.
  3. Pick up your Awaken West Houston packet (see contents below) at Redeemer when they become available. We anticipate having them available anytime between Sunday, February 13 and Tuesday, March 1.
  4. Follow the instructions in your packet and from Redeemer's leadership.

Note 1: Each packet includes the following:

  • A brief Instruction Guide
  • Your list of 17 unique households to pray and fast for throughout March 2022
  • A copy of the short book Revival Starts Here: A Short Conversation on Prayer, Fasting, and Revival for Beginners Like Me
  • A 30 Day Prayer Guide to help you pray throughout March 2022
  • 17 postcards to send to your households at the end of Awaken West Houston.

Note 2: Each person in your family that participates will receive their own packet. Example: Mitch will receive his own packet, Tara will receive her own packet, and if Macy and or Molly participates they will receive her own packet. So, you can either sign up for everyone below, or have each person sign up at the link separately.

Would you join thousands of believers across our city to pray/fast for 30 days for 17 households in Katy/West Houston? We sure hope so!


Again, you can sign up everyone in your family that will be participating, or you can have each person sign up at this link on their own.