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COVID-19 Updates

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Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) and Redeemer

We will keep you updated on how Redeemer is responding to the Coronavirus as we enter into these uncharted waters.

If you've been affected by the COVID-19 disease, we're here to help.

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LATEST UPDATE: May 26, 2020

We are planning to open our doors for Worship Gatherings this Sunday, May 31, 10:30 a.m., both for the English and Spanish Congregations. We know that many of you will be here, while others will want to be more patient—we completely understand, want everyone to be safe, and will do our best to provide a live experience online.

Small Groups: Our facility will remain closed to Community Groups, Bible Studies, Prayer Groups, and the like at this time. Whether your group wants to get together at the park, in the backyard, or even a home, etc… we will obviously leave that to you. But we sure do hope you all will be safe and loving toward one another and follow the CDC and Texas safety guidelines regarding groups size and meeting together. We will be reviewing this policy often with the hopes of opening for such meetings sooner than later.

Worship starting on May 31st: Safety Guidelines for Re-Engaging Live Worship Services on Sundays:

Redeemer Community Church

  • We will follow the suggested guidelines put out by the CDC, Texas Governor and local authorities.
  • The only portions of The Main that will be open will be the Foyer, Bathrooms, and Worship Center. All other doors will be locked.
  • There will be no childcare. All children, from babies on up, will sit with you in the Worship Gathering. Lauren will provide disposable crayons and activity sheets each week. Out of love and care for others, we ask you to keep your children near your family grouping. Recognizing this can be difficult at times, if at any time you need to take your kids out for a break from the service, the sermon audio will be playing in the foyer.
  • We will clean surfaces, handles and other frequently touched surfaces before, during and after the Worship Gathering.
  • We will provide hand sanitizer throughout the building and in restrooms.
  • Please bring your own face coverings. However, we will provide face coverings for those who attend but do not bring their own to wear.
  • We will have all volunteers and staff wearing face coverings and practicing physical distancing, excluding those on stage during worship and teaching.
  • We will offer a touchless worship experience. Doors will be held open in order to limit contact with handles and surfaces. There will be no programs, offering baskets or communion plates. Please use to see announcements and the like.
  • We will provide seating during worship that is in accordance with guidelines allowing for physical distancing. There will be about 175 chairs in the Worship Center (let us know you're coming HERE). These chairs will be scattered at least 6’ apart in groups of two to seven chairs. Please sit with those you come with that morning.

All Attending: We ask everyone, out of love for others, to do the following so that our gathering will be safe for those attending:

  • Wear a face covering while in the building. If you don't have one, one will be provided for those 10 years of age and older.
  • Practice good hygiene by washing hands and using hand sanitizer.
  • While the seating arrangement will promote social distancing during the Worship Gathering, please practice the same throughout the morning. 
  • We ask everyone attending to lovingly respect the physical boundaries of others, refraining from handshaking, hugs and other touching at this time.
  • We also ask attendees after the worship service, to move from the worship center to the parking lots, without lingering in the foyer. Anyone wishing to visit with others should do so in the parking lot after the service while practicing appropriate social distancing. Please do not gather in the sanctuary, foyer, doorways, or entry ways.   

Don’t attend?

  • Of course, please don’t attend if you are sick, have a fever, or suspect you may have come in contact with someone who had COVID-19.
  • We encourage people over 65 or those with health issues not to attend for now. Be assured we will do our best to provide a quality online worship experience each week. Our plan right now is to provide a Facebook Live link—you are not required to have a Facebook account to watch!
  • And obviously, don’t attend if you feel uncomfortable, feel that it would not be an enjoyable worship experience for you, or just are not ready. The choice is yours—we will warmly welcome you when you are ready.


April 29, 2020 Church Update:

Dear Redeemer Family,

Recent news here in Texas probably has you wondering anew, “When will we begin to gather again at Redeemer Community Church for Community Groups, Bible Studies, and of course Worship Gatherings?” We have joined other church leaders across our city to discuss “re-emergence” strategies and timelines—not that we will all do the same thing, but in an effort to learn from each and possibly take some similar steps. For now, these four bullet points express our current approach as an Elder Team:

  • Our facilities will remain closed for gatherings through May 18 (see the next bullet point). So, to questions like, “Will Friday morning Men’s Bible study start meeting at the church this week or next?”, “Can our Community Group get together at the church in the next couple of weeks?”, or “Will we re-start our Worship Gatherings sometime early this month?”, the answer is, “No, at least not until May 18.” While we can legally begin meeting now, the Checklist for Churches/Places of Worship from Texas Health and Human Services concerning protocols for (1) serving your attendees, (2) employees and volunteers, and (3) facilities has us, along with other church partners around our city, wanting to exercise patience at this time.

  • Texas Governor Abbott has set May 18 as a day when a second phase for business re-openings might occur. We’ll be paying close attention to his announcement, we’ll probably have an Elder Team meeting that evening, and in light of his announcement we’ll look to make some more informed decisions about the rest of May and into June. Hopefully the news will be good and favorable to getting together much sooner than later. 

  • We can’t wait to gather with you all again! We can’t wait to hear the singing voices of God’s people again. We can’t wait to hear the rustling of the pages of the Bible as we turn to look at God’s Word together. We can’t wait to celebrate the Lord’s Supper together. Together is better—it’s going to be a sweet day of fellowship in the Lord!

  • In the meantime, four things: (1) Please stay in touch with each other—keep texting, keep calling, keep FaceTiming, keep Zooming. (2) Please pray for each other—for faith, hope, love, and more. (3) Please, as you can, continue to give generously to Redeemer. (4) Please continue to watch and use the resources we provide—worship, sermon, kids, etc.

Thanks, church family. It looks like the end of all this is right around the corner. We sure hope so. 

“Now to Him who is able to keep you from stumbling, and to make you stand in the presence of His glory blameless with great joy, to the only God our Savior, through Jesus Christ our Lord, be glory, majesty, dominion and authority, before all time and now and forever. Amen.” Jude 24-25

The Elders of Redeemer

Mitch Maher, Forrest Bjerkaas, Erin Doe, Chris Long, Joey Perot, and Craig Remlinger

4/5 Church Update:

At this time, with information constantly changing and stay-at-home orders extending, we are not meeting for any church events or services until further notice. The staff is continuing to work remotely. If you need anything, click here for everyone's contact information.

3/18 Church Update:

We will not have any church gatherings between now and March 29th. Our facility will also remain closed to all outside groups and events. We will keep you updated on our future plans as we get closer to April. We will be providing resources for your families on the upcoming Sundays so be on the lookout for that.

3/17 Church Update:


Our Elder Team will be Our elder team will be talking tonight as we continue to chart Redeemer's course through these unprecedented waters. Please pray for us, and look for an update sometime tomorrow.

3/14 Women's Ministry Update:

The Women's Leadership Team has decided that it would be best to cancel our upcoming Day Treat. They spoke with the speaker and she said she would love to reschedule so that’s our plan for now. You will be notified as soon as there is a new date. It will likely be late summer/early fall.

3/12 Church Update:

After considering these unprecedented times, with great love for you all and our neighbors, we have decided to cancel our Sunday activities for this Sunday, March 15, as well as all Redeemer activities for the entire week, March 15-21. Please know this is not a reaction to the hysteria, but a response that was encouraged and guided by local health officials with the community's best interest in mind. As we all learn more about COVID-19, best practices, and the like we will let you know about next Sunday, March 22, and beyond.

Have you been affected by the COVID-19 disease? We are here to help!

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