Mega Sports Camp Volunteers

Come join the team!

It is almost time for MEGA SPORTS CAMP!

June 6-10th from 5:30-8:30pm

Whether you are a sports fanatic or athletically inclined, there is a place for you to serve! Read the team descriptions below and then fill out the form.

While the sports camp is for kids entering 1st and up, we will have a mini sports camp for the preschoolers of our volunteers.

Lauren Grossman will contact you with additional information. If you have any questions please let Lauren know at or 254-760-6541

Sports Coach

If you love sports, then this is the spot for you! While we want kids to enjoy learning about the sport that they choose, we also want them to learn about good sportsmanship, being a good teammate, and how to live out the Gospel on the field! We will need a head coach and a few assistant coaches for each of the following sports:




You will receive instructions on how to run drills and scrimmages.

Huddle Coaches

If you love teaching kids about Jesus, then this is the spot for you! No sports knowledge required! You will be assigned to a group of 7-10 kids in a specific sport group. Each night, during snack time, you will meet with your group and go over the evening's Bible lesson. You will be provided with the lessons in advance.

You will spend the rest of your time hanging out with the sport group that you are assigned to. You will cheer them on during their sports sessions and enjoy the rally times with them as well.

Registration Coaches

Are you good at greeting people with a smile? Do you enjoy the air conditioning? Then this might be a good spot for you. Your job will begin a bit earlier than everyone else, however, you will be done once sports camp gets started.

Your job will be to greet the campers and their families as they arrive each night, get the kids checked in, and then get the registration area ready for the next day.

Snack Coaches

The kids would all argue that this is the most important job! We will provide the kids with a light meal each night (hot dogs, chicken nuggets, corn dogs, etc.). Your job will be to help us get it all together and serve the kids and coaches.

We will need a person or two to take lead on this job but will also need some extra hands!

Safety Coaches

We need individual with experience in the medical field to join us each night as our safety coaches. Our safety coach will administer simple First Aid and help us ensure the safety of all our kids.