Men's Discipleship Training

Listen and Let Us Know!

Hear the Vision and Join the Movement

Pastor Mitch shared the vision for Men's Discipleship Training on Friday morning, August 11. You can listen to the hour long talk and discussion HERE.

Please listen to the whole hour. Even if Fridays don't work for you, another day might!

NEW CURRICULUM - This year we are using Discipleship Essentials by Greg Ogden. The curriculum is designed to help us grow as disciples and influence others as Jesus did. It’s not only the content of the book that’s solid, but the philosophy of reproduction/multiplication is gold.

NEW GOALS - Without hesitation, the goals for Discipleship Training are (1) to strengthen your personal relationship with Jesus, and (2) to equip you with the vision, skills, and tools to disciple other men.

NEW STRUCTURE - Each Friday Morning we will alternate Large Group and D-Group (groups of 3-4).

  • One Friday: Large Group. We’ll gather as a group in the 419 for (1) a testimony from a man, (2) training in disciple-making, and (3) a brief introduction/teaching on the upcoming lesson in Discipleship Essentials
  • Over the next week each man will joyfully and diligently complete the lesson in Discipleship Essentials.
  • The Next Friday: D-Group. We’ll gather briefly in the 419 to touch base, and then break into D-Groups for mutual discipleship.

NEW EXPECTATIONS - This year the bar is being raised.

  • Complete all assignments prior to D-group in order to participate fully: (1) ponder the Core Truth, (2) memorize the Memory Verse, (3) complete the Inductive Bible Study, and (4) do the Reading.
  • While it’s ideal to attend each Friday morning (Large Group and D-Group), make it a priority to attend and engage fully on D-Group mornings. If you have to miss, try to miss Large Group mornings.
  • Offer yourself fully to the Lord with the anticipation that you are entering a time of accelerated transformation during this discipleship period.
  • In your D-Group contribute to a climate of honesty and personal vulnerability in a spirit of mutual up-building, and maintain strict confidentiality in order to foster trust.
  • Give serious consideration to continuing the discipling chain by committing yourself to invest in at least two other people for the year following the initial completion of Discipleship Essentials.

NEW HOPES - Lots of fun seeing an abundant harvest of reproducing disciples of Jesus raised up at Redeemer!

  • Disciples of Jesus - Each of us takes great strides toward maturing as a disciple of Jesus
  • Reproducing - Each of us gains the vision, skills, and tools needed to help other men become reproducing disciples of Jesus
  • Abundant Harvest - In due time more and more and more men (and women) at Redeemer are joyfully following Jesus and helping others do the same 
  • Lots of fun - It will be challenging, and maybe even painful, but also a fun adventure as together (and together is always better), we grow as disciples who make disciples.

Want to be in a D-Group? Let us know below!